Terms & Conditions
By purchasing a product from Hump & Hooves, you agree to the following terms and conditions. You agree you are over the age of 18 at the time of purchasing, or have the permission of someone over the age of 18 to do so. Badge and license designs, bottle and decanter designs, apparel designs, customized vector or other supporting designs purchased on this site and other designed elements of these products may not be altered and resold, but may be altered and used for personal use, sharing, or for other non-commercial means. Please credit as necessary online!

By agreeing to these terms you also release Hump & Hooves from any liability related to damages, losses, or injuries due to the use/misuse of products available on/through this website. The products offered on this site are not actually capable of transformation (unfortunately) – and products, such as the TFRx Mint Bottles, are designed to resemble a prescription bottle, but are fictional and are in no way a prescription for any medication. Please be responsible when using any bottle, glass, or other container to use or store spirits, liquids, vitamins, mints, or other substances! By accepting these terms you agree that no purchase is made with the expectation that you as the purchaser, or user, will actually transform into any other species or form. (But, what if? :3) You also are agreeing that you understand these products are themed around being made by camels, but are not in fact made by camels. (Unfortunately)

Payments & Shipping
Payment, unless otherwise noted in a promotion or convention-related announcement, will only be accepted through PayPal. While checking out, one will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete their purchase. The address and email associated with this account will be the email and address used to contact the purchaser and ship the finished badge(s). All shipments will be made through the United States Postal Service, and the type of shipping may be chosen during checkout. Options for tracking will be available, and if selected, a tracking number will be sent out to your purchasing email. Larger items like tonics and pill bottles will include tracking.

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery (domestically), even though on average it should only take 4-5 days. If you do not receive your package in two weeks, please reach out to leadcamel@humpandhooves.comFur Affinity, or social media to work out what happened and where an reprinted copy can be sent! International shipping may take up to four weeks due to customs and other processes that may slow down delivery time.

Contact for Custom Designs
After purchase of a badge or another item with a custom design, we will reach out using the email provided at checkout. At that time, please feel free to request and adjustments or changes to the design before printing. If no return feedback is received on a badge after five (5) days, then the badge or item will be printed and shipped to fulfill the order!

Returns / Refunds
Hump & Hooves may offer refunds on certain products prior to printing. Customizable products (such as ID badges, tonics, or mint bottles) are eligible for refunds up until the design has been finalized for print. Once the design has been printed, the customized product may not be refunded! Designs that are sublimated or screen/DTF printed may be refunded even after printing, but will depend on the specific product. Typically it may take one to three weeks for such products to be produced, so if you would like a refund in that time, please reach out immediately. Products that are shipped out are no longer eligible for refunds. In cases where the product does not reach its destination, the product may be refunded if a replacement has not been sent out.

All sales are final for customized products! Returns will not be accepted for customized products, including, but not to: ID/License badges, decanters, mint bottles, tonic bottles, T-shirts, journals, convention passports, and all vinyl products. If you are unhappy with the condition or function of a product, please reach out so we can help correct the issue! For products damaged during transport, replacements can be sent out free of cost to the purchaser, or a refund may be offered. 

Convention Pickup Policy
For a period leading up to certain furry conventions (Anthrocon, Midwest Furfest, etc), “Convention Pickup” will become an option in the checkout page. The purchaser will be responsible for picking up their badge at the convention! Purchasers will be notified via social media of where/when their badges can be picked up. If one is unable to make it to the pickup location during the time allotted, the purchaser may coordinate a specified location for pickup directly. If no attempt is made to reach out, the badge will be eligible for shipping after the convention, but the badge will not be eligible for a refund.

Bottle / Glass / Label Purchases
Purchases of labelled products, such as themed glasses and bottles are made to order, meaning none are actively in stock prior to purchase. Unless otherwise noted or selected on the product page, all glasses and bottles are shipped empty, and do not contain liquid. If an item is available to be pre-filled with liquid (such as the Transformation Tonics), then it will be filled and permanently sealed prior to shipping. DO NOT OPEN AND INGEST ANY PRE-FILLED BOTTLES – as the liquid mix does contain glue. If you intend to use the bottle or glass design for your own liquor or other drinks, please order an empty version of the design.

Please allow up to 7 – 14 days for production prior to the 2 – 8 day shipping time. International orders may take longer to ship and may be subject to customs fees and higher shipping cost. As these are made to order, there may be slight variations between glasses in regards to label level and glass placement. While all labels are designed to be resistant to water damage and moderate use, please take care in washing the glasses or tonics if you plan on using them! Handwash only, using cold water! If your purchase is damaged during shipping or you have any issue with the labels, please reach out so we can help! We do not offer refunds or free replacements on labels damaged or stained through use, but may offer a discount or replacement label after being contacted on a case by case basis.

While the TFRx Bottle may resemble a pharmaceutical product, the bottle is intended for use with mints or candies only! Do take note of using this in any public setting or carry it on your person as the bottle does look realistic, and may be mistaken by others as authentic. Any use with other substances is solely the responsibility of the user and by agreeing to these terms and conditions, Hump & Hooves is absolved of any outcomes that may occur due to misuse of the item. Please use responsibly!

Apparel Purchases
All apparel purchases at the time of writing (May ’23) are made to order! No apparel is stocked prior to purchasing, so by purchasing an item you are asking for the product to be made. Due to this, returns will not be offered for apparel manufactured for the purchaser, so please ensure that sizing is correct at the time of purchase! Refunds may still be accepted shortly after purchase, before materials are purchased or the design is printed. For custom apparel designs, returns and refunds will not be offered once materials are purchased or designs are finalized and printed.

Apparel is printed on cotton/polyester blends or cotton/polyester/rayon blends depending on the design and color chosen. To ensure a longer life for the designs, wash inside-out on a cold setting and dry on low, or no, heat! Designs will specify the print style, and may be either: screen printing (traditional) – done by hand by myself (Isle) with plastisol ink, screen printing transfers, or direct-to-film (DTF) transfers.

Reissuing Badges
If your badge should become lost or damaged, or if you would like to update minor information or graphics – a request to reissue can be placed on the Badge Reissue form, which can be found through the About page. All customized badges are eligible for reissue and minor adjustments can be made before reprinting. Minor adjustments include changes to name, titles, profile pictures used, social media handles, etc. For large design adjustments including changing a majority of the information, graphics, recolors, etc, a new badge will have to be purchased. If you have questions, feel free to ask!

Replacement badges will not ship with mounting hardware such as a lanyard, but will include a badge holder for protection. Badges printed prior to January 2023 may be upgraded for the same reissue cost to a higher resolution as well. These badges will also not include mounting hardware, but will include a badge holder for protection. Only Generation 1 badges are eligible for a free upgrade through the Badge Reissue form. These badges were any printed prior to December 2017 that are manually laminated and printed. These badges will be refitted to the new card size/design and reprinted for no cost, though shipping (domestic and international) will still apply. Gen 1 upgraded badges will ship with an additional case, lanyard, and clip.

Purchased Image Use
By agreeing to these terms you give Hump & Hooves the right to use images of your product in its marketing material for social media. Information regarding name, age, etc. will be obscured and will not be shared during any point of the creation process. Finished images of badges may also be posted online, but information will be blurred. 

International Orders
Please allow for extra time for delivery on orders outside of the United States. Generally the shipping is still fairly quick, but weather and customs may increase the amount of time badges are in the mail. Due to restraints on cost on package weight and customs forms, only one lanyard will be included with each international purchase, though each badge will still include a clip and case if more than one badge is ordered.

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