Commission a customized version of anything we offer! Mugs, shirts, cups, glasses, and more!

Got a design you want to own, but not sure where to start? Hump & Hooves is all about bringing fun and functional transformation, furry, and video game goods to life through various mediums! With years of experience in printing everything from stickers to posters, cutting vinyl and labels for custom glassware, sublimated and sewing journals, screen printing shirts, and more we thought — why not offer our services to folks who want to bring their own designs to life? :3c

Pricing starts at material cost! Open to trades as well!

We would love to help make your ideas into a reality, whether it’s modifying one of our designs to better fit your, or a friend’s, characters; putting your own design onto a badge, mug, shirt, or passport holder; or bringing a design to life from concept to printing! 

Pricing for a fully custom craft will start at just the cost of the materials used! Additional materials, graphic design, shipping, and other factors will increase the cost, but we’ll be as transparent as possible in your final estimate! We’re also happy to talk trades if you want to swap art or crafts of your own for some of ours! Just reach out! :3

PVC ID Cards & Laminated Badges

We've been making badges for years; from the classic laminated cardstock-style to our signature edge-to-edge PVC ID cards! We'll be happy to work with you to make your custom design! :3

Display & Useable Glassware

Another craft type we've been proudly perfecting for years! Whether it's through etching glass, laminated vinyl labels, UV DTF, screen printing, sublimation, or another method, we can help craft you some custom potions, tonics, or any other kind of cup or bottle to show off on display-- or to even use!

Vinyl Decals & Stickers

It took many tries over many months, but we've gotten a method down for printing and laminating vinyl stickers that can weather a lot of, well, weather! We can print you some sheets of durable, water resistant stickers, or can cut you a traditional vinyl decal for your car, laptop, or anything else!

Screen Printed & DTF Apparel

Want your own design on a T-shirt but not sure how to do it? There are many services for getting your shirt printed, we're no replacement for the big ones, but if you want a single or a small run of custom shirts, we can work with you to make that happen! We can do both screen printed and direct-to-film-style apparel with placement in unique places such as sides, sleeves, and inner tags!

Sublimated Items

With sublimation you can put your design on everything from passport holders, license plates, journals, tumblers, hats, and plenty more! If you have a creative idea that may require a unique substrate, then we may be able to help! This process is definitely a bit different than most, but the results are vivid and incredibly durable! There's so much you can do!

Interested in a custom craft commission, or maybe a trade? Feel free to fill out the form here or reach out on social media and I’ll be happy to talk over what you’d like! :3

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Available on Request! Feel free to leave your email below and we'll be in touch!