*Happy Camel Noises*

Howdy! My name is Travis! You may also know me as That Isle Beav’ or just Isle — your resident busy beaver and the camel behind Hump & Hooves! I’m a HUGE fan of transformation if you couldn’t tell – and love making various goods that folks can wear, display, or even use! :3c

Hump & Hooves (formerly Busy Beaver Designs) is a personal project of mine focused on providing some neat convention-wear and fun crafts for furry and transformation fans! 

I’m also always open to collaborate with folks on unique, one-of-a-kind designs and gifts! If you have any questions or want to inquire about a custom project, commission, or trade, feel free to reach out!  :3


A One-Humped Operation

Hump & Hooves is a single camel operation! Since it’s just me at the helm, development of new items, research for the best quality materials, and production times can be a little slow at times with my main job. (Even as a camel, you need to work to make a living — even for the guy who turned you into a beast of burden!) That being said, if you have any questions at all about anything I offer, have a question about receiving something by a certain date, or are just curious about the production!

This has long been a fun side project I’ve wanted to do, so I’m incredibly happy to get to expand on it with all of you! :3

Careful accepting mysterious tonics from wandering merchants! Might end up a camel! | Artwork by Mr. Lemur!

Want to help support future designs, new arts, and other fun projects?

Feel free to drop us a Ko-Fi!

Thanks for any support! :3

Want to help support future designs and other fun projects?

Feel free to drop us a Ko-Fi!

Thanks for any support! :3


ID & Badge Information

All ID-style and ‘License’ designs are printed on laminated, double-sided 30mil PVC cards at 600dpi, which in addition to being durable and water resistant, can fit in any wallet or credit card-sized holder! Traditionally laminated badges are also double-sided and water resistant, but vary in size depending on the design. Card designs, such as the Pleasure Island Tickets, are less water resistant and may be more susceptible to damage, so please take care!

Every badge also includes a clear protective carrying case, and will initially be shipped with a lanyard and clip or retractable clip for easy wearing! Due to international shipping weight constraints, however, only a clip or retractable clip will be included.

Should your badge become damaged or misplaced, you can have a new one re-printed for $5! Feel free to head over to the Badge Reissue page to order a new one!  By default, additional mounting accessories will not be included. If you would like an additional clip or lanyard, please let us know! 

For those who still have a 1st Generation Transformation License or similar badge (conventionally laminated and not printed on PVC), a Badge Reissue will be done free of cost! Please reach out via the Badge Reissue page, social media, or email if you would like to upgrade! Thank you for the support!

Tonic & Bottle Information

Every tonic and bottle design varies in size and weight. Tonics and bottle designs may be purchased empty (to be filled at a later time by the recipient) or pre-filled and permanently sealed. Pre-filled and colored tonics/bottles are NOT to be ingested, as the mixture contains glue. If you would like to use the glasses for drinks, please order them empty!

Decanter designs will always be shipped empty and do not contain any alcohol. They may be used to hold whatever alcohol or liquid you would like!

TFRx Bottle designs do not ship with or contain any drug-like substances and are intended for use with mints or other candies! Please take care that the bottle looks realistic enough where it may be mistaken by others in use!

The labels for each glass / bottle design are printed onto vinyl using UV and water resistant ink and are laminated for extra durability. While designs are tested to be water resistant, they may be damaged in a dishwasher, or using very hot water or abrasive cleaning surfaces! Handwash only!

Shipping cost will vary extensively for each bottle/glass design. Pre-filled designs will be heavier for postage and will be packaged to prevent leaks/spills according to USPS guidelines. 

Apparel Information

Shirts are printed using either cotton/polyester or cotton/polyester/rayon blends, depending on the color and design. These will be specified on each page! Designs are screen printed (using plastisol ink) or utilizing direct-to-film (DTF) transfers, as specified on each design page. Both screen printed and DTF designs are durable, but please wash the shirts inside-out, cold, and dry on low-heat to preserve the text/graphics for a long time!

Since shirts may take some time to assemble and print, please allow for 2-4 weeks for a design to be printed! One the order is in and the design is finalized, refunds will no longer be accepted since materials will be used in the creation of the design. Please ensure sizing is correct before ordering as well, as returns are not accepted for made-to-order items!

Sublimation Information

Sublimated items, such as Poke’Cola v2 cups, mugs, and other goods are made to order! A small amount of cups and other materials, including the substrates for the Convention Passport, are kept on hand, but others may need to be ordered and are subject to the additional production time. These items are incredibly durable but are still recommended for light washing and proper care to ensure no damage to the coating. 

Special Thanks!

Thank you to folks such as Mint, Tofu, Stamp, Namh’, and Cody for your feedback, and for putting up with me sending you a bunch of work-in-progress pictures of the site and crafts! Additional thanks to Cody for helping with the site’s name, PokeCola Zoro, and a few of the TFRx taxonomies! :3 Many thanks to Chupakaibra for her fantastic artwork that the logo is based off of, and the camel picture up top too!

Lastly, you can check out our Terms and Conditions here, if you’re interested!

Honorary Dromedary Perks

Do you like supporting small, furry-owned businesses? Do you like helping the development of fun new transformation, furry, or video game-related projects? Do you like camels?!

Then why not become an Honorary Dromedary today! :3

Signing up is easy and all handled through our KoFi here!

Now, what all do you get for supporting your favorite hump-backed desert critters? Well, for starters, our appreciation! But other than that: all Honorary Dromedaries will receive the following!

  • A sketch or photomanip’ of themselves as an honorary camel!
  • Access to the full H&H workshop, including sublimation, screen printing, photo printing, vinyl sticker printing, and laminating!
  • Sneak peek access to new projects and first dibs on reservations or limited runs!
  • Free customization for any products!

Here’s a little more information on each!

Honorary Camel

Once signed up, each Honorary Dromedary will be able to receive a sketch of morph of themselves as an honorary camel! This is one-time at the time of sign up; sketches will be fully colored as well! Morphs will require a camera of some sort – and a little potential guidance!

The Hump & Hooves Workshop

Got a project in mind that you want to bring to life? Got some art you would love to print and hang up, or badges that you’d like to have printed for conventions? How about an idea for a small-run of custom shirts that you designed yourself?

As craft-making camel myself, I know how tough it can be to track down materials, tools, or know-how to get certain projects underway! That’s why by supporting Hump & Hooves by becoming an Honorary Dromedary, I would love to return that support for projects, gifts, badges – or whatever else you may have in mind! If you need some helping hooves to cut, print, laminate, sublimate, screen print, or more — I’m your camel!

I’m more than happy to lend my years of knowledge and various tools and skills to help you make a custom gift for a TF fan or furry friend, create your own one-of-a-kind convention apparel, or help mock-up a craft project as well!

Sneak Peeks and Early Access

As I’ve got a lot of projects and designs going at any one time, there are a LOT of work-in-progress pictures and various drafts that rarely see the light of day! As an Honorary Dromedary, you can see behind the scenes via Telegram of some of the work that goes into the design, proofing, testing, and refining for badges, bottles, and other projects!

As certain crafts get more developed, you can also request your own ahead of the launch of new pieces — such as the sublimated Poke’Cola 2.0 cups, or your very own Thievius Raccoonus sketchbook or journal! Honorary Dromedaries will have first dibs on any pieces with limited supply!

Complete Customization

Like a design but want a feeeew more tweaks to make it more personalized? Not a problem for the camels who support us! I am more than happy to further customize any design for Honorary Dromedaries – or if you wanted a one-of-a-kind, personalized twist on a design, that also works!

By joining up as an Honorary Dromedary, you get any design customization for free! Just ask and it can be done!

Hump & Hooves content and designs © Travis, “That Isle Camel”, 2022  ||  Pokémon related-imagery © 1995-2022 Nintendo/Game Freak.

Available on Request! Feel free to leave your email below and we'll be in touch!