Pre-Designed or Custom Bottles & Glassware to Use or Display!

Since the inception of Busy Beaver Designs, it has been a passion project of mine to design transformation-themed glasses, bottles, and other containers that fellow TF fans could use in their day-to-day lives! We have a variety of designs for any sort of occasion: casual TF cups and tumblers for holding your favorite drinks, taking a couple mints from a TF-themed bottle, or storing some spirits in a ‘cursed’ or ‘life-changing’ decanter! Great for transformation-themed parties or gifts for fans as well! 

Far more time has been spent over the years refining our printing process to ensure that these bottles, whether on your shelf or in your hand, will hold up to wear-and-tear, on two legs or four! For our tonic and other glass items, labels are printed onto UV and water resistant vinyl then laminated for extra durability! Our sublimated designs are completely waterproof and feature a stainless steel interior that will hold up to any sudden shifts in species that may occur while using ’em!

Below you’ll find additional information on all of our different offerings — including some new and old designs that’ll be added over time! Some are in stock while others are available upon request. We also offer custom designs if you like! :3

Pokemon TF Tonics

Have you ever wanted to be your favorite Pokemon? So did we! With this unique colored tonic you can experience what it would be like to soar the skies as a Charizard, dash through the forest as a Grovyle, or refine your fighting skills as a Lucario!

These tonic bottles are available filled (and sealed) with the color of your choosing, or empty for use! Pair them with a Mini Modifier for added effects!

TFRx Mint Bottles

It can be nice to slip into a new form for a while. Whether you’re revisiting a classic or trying something new – these transformative prescriptions are here to help!

Every bottle is custom tailored with your favorite animal, Pokemon, or another creature of your choice! Just drop in your own mints when it arrives and feel free to shift species whenever you wish!

Poke'Cola 2.0

Evolve your taste! Our classic design returns as a sublimated, stainless steel tumbler in version 2.0 — or as a frosted glass with version 1.5! 

Featuring the four original flavors and their shiny variants, with more on the way: Poke’Cola, Poke’Cola Zoro, Mountain Mew, and Lucaricola!


Want a fun, TF-y way to store your favorite spirits? Why not go with a transformative decanter or even a custom designed, one-of-a-kind bottle for you or someone you know? :3c

Great to add a little fun to your shelf, or for parties! 

Everything Else!

Some things don’t fit into categories nicely! On top of everything else, we’ve spent a few years making other container goods like shisha holders, display perfume bottles, transformation-themed maple syrup containers, sublimated mugs, and more!

If you’d like to check out our miscellaneous section, click the button — or request your own custom creation using the form below!

Custom Design in Mind?

We’d love to talk with you about your idea! 

Whether it’s a custom bottle, labels for your own bottles, sublimated cups, decanters, or anything else, feel free to ask about a custom design!

Be as detailed as you like with what you’re looking for, and we can let you know what’s possible!

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Available on Request! Feel free to leave your email below and we'll be in touch!