TFRx Pill Bottle


Freshen up your breath and your form with this personalized transformative mint bottle!
(Mints not included!)
Tailored transformative experiences right at your fingertips! …or, hoof-tips, paw-tips, wing-tips? Bring a little extra fun to freshening up your breath with these customizable, TF-inspired mint bottles! Every bottle is custom tailored with your favorite animal, Pokemon, or another creature of your choice! Just drop in your own mints when it arrives and feel free to shift species whenever you wish!

Additionally, each label can be personalized to your transformative-liking, with species (real or fictional), a personalized warning, custom doses, modifiers, custom taxonomy and silhouette if wanted!
Every TFRx bottle comes with an additional replacement label, just in case! Mints are not included, though we recommend Tic Tacs for the full effect! These are NOT meant to be used as, or in place of, real medication!

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

Plastic, Vinyl

Hump & Hooves content and designs © Travis, “That Isle Camel”, 2024  ||  Pokémon, Guild Wars, and other video game imagery © their respective owners.

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