Customizable and Pre-Designed Shirts & More!

Moveset Tee


"Evolve Your Style!"

From Kanto to Paldea, there are over a thousand different Pokemon and a thousand different ways you can rep’ your favorite ones! Whether you’re an up-and-coming trainer heading out on a route or a Pokemon yourself: we’ve got a variety of styles that can help make you shine!

Many of these designs are fully customizable from the name on the front, to the moves on the sleeves and back, and we can even tweak designs to fit your team or your own OC! Skies the limit!

Master Your Moveset!”

"Ash Aesthetic, Iron Ingenuity"

The Ash & Iron Legions are combining their skills to help bring designs inspired by the tales of heroes across the land of Tyria to your wardrobe and shelves! 

Whether it’s a design our Ascalonian minds have created, or one you’ve thought of yourself: Represent your Legion, warband, or guild with these Guild Wars fan designs created with precision that only Charr can provide!

“For the Legions!”

"PartHEEE HAWWrd!"

Party like a jackass with these Pleasure Island inspired designs! Whether you’re a jack or a jenny, we’re sure there’s a design you can show your stablemates that you truly are a Pleasure Island VIP! (Very Important Person Donkey)

Pleasure Island Entertainment is not responsible for any results that may arise from those making asses of themselves. (Both figuratively and literally.)

“Please bray responsibly!” 

"Hump Day, Every Day"

Are you a fan of camels or want to help support your local craftmakin’ dromedary? Then consider picking up one of our camel-y shirts to show off to all your friends!

We’ve got a number of camel-themed designs that look great in a caravan or at a convention! I mean, we’d wear ’em ourselves, but the hump kind of makes it a bit hard! 

“It’s a dromedary thing!”

Custom Design in Mind?

We’d love to talk with you about your idea! 

Whether it’s a custom bottle, labels for your own bottles, sublimated cups, decanters, or anything else, feel free to ask about a custom design!

Be as detailed as you like with what you’re looking for, and we can let you know what’s possible!

Hump & Hooves content and designs © Travis, “That Isle Camel”, 2024  ||  Pokémon related-imagery © 1995-2024 Nintendo/Game Freak.

Available on Request! Feel free to leave your email below and we'll be in touch!