PVC & Laminated Badges for Any Convention! More Information Below!

The Original Furry / TF ID Cards!

The Original
Furry / TF IDs!

Since 2015, we here at Hump & Hooves have been making high-quality, ID-styled cards across a good variety of themes! Our PVC-printed cards are durable, water resistant, and can fit in any wallet or ID-carrier!

All PVC-printed designs are dual-sided, printed edge-to-edge at 600 dpi, and can be reprinted anytime for a small fee!

Badges Include...

All of our badges, PVC and traditional, are double-sided and water resistant – and come with a lanyard and clip as well!

Premium designs such as the Transformation License, Furry ID, and our Pokemon Trainer License will include a retractable clip instead of a basic clip!

Durable Laminated Designs!

Durable Designs!

In addition to our signature PVC badges, our more traditional laminated badges offer excellent water resistance and are dual-sided as well!

You’ll also be likely to see these given out at conventions – so if you’re attending one, keep an eye out! :3c

Replacements & Updates!

Lose or damage your ID badge? We got you covered! For a small reprint cost of $5, we can have your new badge in the mail as soon as possible!

Just wanting to update your information? No worries! The same $5 reprint cost covers any updates you would like to your badge! 

* New accessories will not be included however!

Custom Designs Available

Have your own badge design you’d love to get printed for yourself – or just wanting a more customized version of one of our designs?

Feel free to fill out the form and let us know! We’ll be happy to work with you on a custom design! :3

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Available on Request! Feel free to leave your email below and we'll be in touch!