Furry ID Badge


Introduce yourself at conventions with a Furry ID! Share a little info and quickly connect with folks!

Introduce yourself at conventions in style!

Ever wanted an easy, stylish way to share some of your furry self with someone else? Well now you can! These “Furry ID” badges are a quick way to share your name, species, and your usernames on various social or art websites! Highlight some of the defining features of yourself in the furry fandom: your ‘sona, alternate species, your favorite hobby, your profession, whatever you like! Artist, fursuiter, photographer, streamer? Let ’em know!
Quickly and easily allow folks at conventions to add you on various platforms with your usernames right on the front– including a handy QR Code that can link them directly to a website, gallery, or social media page! These IDs can even be upgraded to a reprogrammable NFC-enabled card, so folks can quickly tap to scan it!
Choose any color you’d like as a base, add additional info if you like; such as a list of alternate species of yours, a custom disclaimer about you or your character; and personalize it further with optional “tag”, icon, or logo!

Pick a design for your Tag, upload your own, or request a custom one!

Here are a few examples of previous ones, but custom ones are available too!

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3.375 × 2.125 × 0.03 in

Badge Holder, Lanyard, Retractable Clip

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