Poke’TF Tonic


A colorful tonic for when you may need a little escape into a new Pokemon-related form! Available both sealed and color-filled, or empty for your own use!
(Discount available for the unfilled option!)

Have you ever wanted to be your favorite Pokemon? So did we! With this unique colored tonic you can experience what it would be like to soar the skies as a Charizard, dash through the forest as a Grovyle, or refine your fighting skills as a Lucario!

These tonic bottles are available filled (and sealed) with the color of your choosing, or empty for use! Pair them with a Mini Modifier for added effects!

Each bottle has two labels with your chosen Pokemon’s name and silhouette on the front, and their base stats on the back!


The default tonics come filled (and permanently sealed) with coloration inspired by your chosen Pokemon, but if you would like to use them, pick up an unfilled version and save a little cash too! :3

Wanting a little more personalization? Don’t worry! – You can tweak the silhouette, species, even your starting stats! As you may have noticed too, we can create some custom tonics for species other than Pokemon too! :3c Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in fully customizing a tonic bottle!

Mini Modifiers

Wanting to add a little more spice to your tonic-induced transformation? Why not pick up one – or a few – Mini Modifiers? Each little modifier comes in a small, 8oz bottle with a label such as the ones below! These are also filled and sealed, or can be shipped empty to be filled however you wish!

To the right you’ll find some of the modifiers we’ve created! These include +FERAL, +VINYL, +PERMA, +PLUSH, +TG, +TAUR, and -INT, but we’re always happy to make a custom design if you’d like something else!

Additional information

Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 1.75 × 1.75 in

Glass, Laminated Vinyl

Hump & Hooves content and designs © Travis, “That Isle Camel”, 2024  ||  Pokémon, Guild Wars, and other video game imagery © their respective owners.

Available on Request! Feel free to leave your email below and we'll be in touch!