Pokemon ID Badge


Show off how awesome of a Pokemon you are with this Poke’Dex-inspired design!

The Pokemon ID - for the Pokemon in you!

Hey you! You’re an awesome Pokemon, right? A cool Charizard, maybe a rockin’ Lycanroc, or a dashing Jolteon? Why not show off how cool of a Pokemon you are with this Pokemon ID! Each badge’s color focuses on the Pokemon of your choice (or your own custom character/Poke’sona) and gives other Pokemon (or trainers) some info about yourself! 

* Choose any Pokemon, or have your own reference uploaded, to have a custom vector made for your badge!

* Pick from the default Pokedex entry for your Pokemon or enter your own custom phrase or mini description!
* Double-sided so your awesome vector and information is always facing outward!

Vector Information

Every Pokemon ID comes is centered around a vector version of the Pokemon you choose / are! Non-Poke’Sona Pokemon that have been designed once (or have yet to be designed) will have faster turnarounds and will not have any additional charges. If you decide to upload a reference of your custom character, then one will be made based off the design you reference for a slightly higher cost for the custom vector! Depending on the complexity of the Pokemon / your Poke’sona, these can take extra time to design, and since I don’t want to take too many at once and get a backlog, these’ll come in and out of stock, so feel free to visit again if they’re temporarily out of “stock!”

Nintendo and Game Freak reserve all rights to the Pokemon brand; these are not officially licensed, only inspired by the design from the Pokemon Sun & Moon games!


Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2.125 × 3.375 in

Hump & Hooves content and designs © Travis, “That Isle Camel”, 2022  ||  Pokémon related-imagery © 1995-2022 Nintendo/Game Freak.

Available on Request! Feel free to leave your email below and we'll be in touch!